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XAR Invicta Folding AR 15 Rifle From F&D Defense with James Yeager

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I got to see the new XAR Invicta folding AR 15 rifle from F&D Defense during a break at the Fighting Pistol class with James Yeager at Tactical Response. It is a pretty cool design that lets you store and transport a full size AR15 rifle in a much more compact size.

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16 thoughts on “XAR Invicta Folding AR 15 Rifle From F&D Defense with James Yeager

  1. Cool concept. Probably not for me though. As a survival rifle, an AR kinda struggles. One mag of 223 weighs more than a whole brick of .22lr. Besides 2 takedown pins and you can break a standard AR in half and put it in a gym bag if you’re so inclined. As of right now I am not inclined to add a long gun to my edc. If I was it would probably be a sub 2k it 9mm.folds, takes Glock mags. Not as much firepower but, I digress. Who knows. Maybe this could change.

    1. Survival On Purpose never said it wasn’t brother. it is. but everyone familiar with the platform knows that. It’s kinda something that’s cool just to be cool. like my dang Benchmade crooked river.

  2. If it didn’t cost more than my truck id own several. Don’t think I’ve ever seen Yeager not swear on a video before lol, he sure knows his stuff tho.

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