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Worlds Best Firestarter: A Bug out Bag Must

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The worlds best firestarter just got a lot better!

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7 thoughts on “Worlds Best Firestarter: A Bug out Bag Must

  1. CP, I was thinking about SHTF, take a look at the nuclear power plant locations in canada and america. thats your answer to the question “what happens after shtf and who survives, or where can you go?”

  2. I just recently returned to Corpus Christi after fleeing to Dallas prior to the hurricane and could not help but mention how handy your Bug Out Roll would have been at the hotel verses digging through bag after bag, pack after pack for simple everyday items.When you leave in a hurry s*** ends up packed everywhere as this event quickly turned into an INCH situation v. a simple 3 day bugout or camping situation.I plan to order one of your “Rolls” as soon as I get caught up financially! By the way, can these hang from say a bathroon or closet door? Might be a great new way to market your product as well. Maybe do a hotel use video? Maybe try and get FEMA to try them? for handing out disaster kits to refugees in shelters? Good luck.

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