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Woods Walk With Bad News

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12 thoughts on “Woods Walk With Bad News

    1. Praying for you brother you have been such a great influence on my life and I’m sure everyone else would agree too, hope you make a patreon so we can help our brother out.

    2. Ants do not like Apple cider vinegar . Spray completely around house once a month. Most bugs and roaches can not stand being close to it . Will not cross sprayed path. Have no ants are all in neighbors yard. He uses 100s of dollars on ant kill products each year to rid himself of them to no reveal. Told him no listen. Still ask how many ant hills.I have. Always tell I have none , you have all of them.

    3. Tac it’s like my family member telling that I don’t remember how long I’ve been watching, it’s been awesome ride u still make in my the top five vids to watch maybe soon I can help if u want help the world need u man my only gripe is the language but still is no problem u gotta make a way to communicate to let us know how ur doing save ur energy on the vids or small vids,or something, sorry so long but I still got more to say, don’t remember if u like being prayed for but I’m gonna to a speedy recovery to bring the main man tac back to full health

    4. Were all thankful for you brother. You’re one of my favorite YouTubers. I always get a kick out of your videos. Thanks for doing what you do.

  1. $1.30 a day? That’s on the level with sewing buttons on shirts in Bangladesh. Holy shit. And now that I finished the vid. Love ya and you are on the prayer chain. Hundreds.

  2. Best wishes to you. Hope things get better, and hang in there. I enjoy your channel and your unique character. You are a classic dude!

  3. I am one of late two hundred comments for this video. Question. How often do you cut down dead trees around your property? For “Republican System”. For “FREEDOM”.

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