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Why Society will Collapse FAST in SHTF: The Pretty Vs the Gritty

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We as a society do whatever possible to avoid looking at the reality of things in exchange for something thats easier to digest.

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7 thoughts on “Why Society will Collapse FAST in SHTF: The Pretty Vs the Gritty

  1. Most people don’t like to see death happen regardless of how real it is, I contribute this to our own fear of death. I totally agree with you it’s absurd to not be educated about real-life, but people (like you said) don’t want to see the ugly only the pretty.

  2. When Eric Shmidt’s Google/Youtube abd Zukerberg’s Facebook/Twitter demonetize and censor your videos, posts and tweets, just remember they and many many others are just still f***ing pissed at last U.S. election’s result and they need to vent it on pro-individual strenght and independence content. They had Alex Jones’s Infowars show lose 3 million in ads this year so… It’s realy just pathetic sore looser type shit and there ain’t much that can be done about it.

  3. You are spot on! Most people just walk around staring at their phones and don’t even notice what is going on around them. Families going out to dinner and hardly say a word to each other, all staring at their phones. Zombies are real. People are becoming lemmings just falling into an abyss. The meek shall inherit the earth, the people that know how to provide for themselves. People today know very little about simple gardening let alone farming and hunting. Video games and fast food is the current reality for most. We were given everything we needed and just screwed it up along the way.

  4. The grid came about as a result of the industrial revolution. “MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL” The industrial revolution has created more wealth (MONEY) than ever before in history by astronomical amounts. Astronomical Money= Astronomical Evil! Most can feel it and it’s one reason man seeks to bury truth in the sand. The truth is humankind is not evolving but is in its final death throws. Most are going to die. A few are going to survive. Evil causes death while truth causes life! Seek Truth!!!

  5. On your comment of “not seeing the night raids and checkpoints in the middle east and just seeing the ‘operation freedom or whatever” I would argue that you also only see the terrorist attacks that occur…not the ones that were prevented by those wars. Still good points you bring up.

  6. Trump was critized for tweeting video’s of muslems abusing people. Hey we can’t show Muslems hurting others according to the MSM because it’s racist . They want to hide the truth from others.

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