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Watch Out for These People When SHTF

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7 thoughts on “Watch Out for These People When SHTF

  1. I think there is a lot more to trophy hunting than you think and I dont think you can class everyone who trophy hunts as someone who does it because they enjoy watchingthings die. I also disagree that ALL trophy hunters are killing just for the sake of killing.
    Take for instance legal Rhino and Lion hunts. Did you know that most of the legal Rhino and Lion hunts are hunting animals that can no longer breed? The farmer will normally purchase these rare animals to breed with. Lets take a Rhino, a farmer will buy one for up to $1,000,000 for breeding purposes. When the Rhino is past his breeding age the farmer then sells the hunt of the animal so that he can purchase new breeding stock. The hunter who hunts on this level of money is far more educated in these things than you would ever believe. He knows exactly where his money is going and how it is helping. What he gets out of if is his business but to call him physcopathic would be unfair. You never know, maybe he does it because he knows few people can afford it and if people like him dont pay to hunt these species they would not be so well conserved. And he does it himself because then he knows it is done properly and humainly.
    I grew up in Africa on game farms and around hunting and I can say one thing. There are some sick bastards out there, but they are few and far between.
    I would suggest you get to know this topic a lot closer before you say too much about it.

  2. I challenge anyone to prove any hunter will kill and leave an animal where he falls! And you better check with your local authorities before you claim that dead animal was the result of a malicious hunters indiscriminate killing. Some animals escape even after being shot by arrow or gun, it happens. But every state in the country requires hunters to notify authorities of any animal wounded but not recovered. They even have tracking dogs who help search for wounded animals. I think this is just fantasy propaganda by anti hunting leftists who have watched too many Bambi and Thumper cartoons!

  3. I have to say I was a bit mislead by your title. After hearing you out I do see your point and agree. I will say this whenever hunting deer, elk or antelope I am always on the look out for the biggest and highest scoring animal I can find. Does that make my a trophy hunter? I do not buy packaged hunts, I put in for tags in the states that require it, and in my state I can buy up to 6 deer tags online if I wanted to. I don’t even hunt in my own state because the deer are too small. Here is the difference I hope you will see. I was raised hunting and fishing in a family where it was tradition. We did not hunt out of necessity, more so for the sport, but have always, always utilized the meat and other parts of the animals we have harvested. In some case we have given meat away to those less fortunate who were in need. Admittedly there have been great shots I have passed up on because I could not bring myself to kill such a beautiful animal. In other cases it was because the animal was just not big enough for me. I have left more unfilled tags over the years than I have filled because of those reasons. So where does that leave me and other like me who do hunt not just for necessity, while we do eat the meat use the horn, bones and hides to make whatever, but did not hunt because of necessity, but because it is a tradition passed on from father to son in in my case daughter also. Do I make the team? I am in no way being jerkish here but am interested in your views. Best- keep up the great videos!

  4. Couldn’t help to think about the a$$hole who shot animals and if the were wounded he would torment the animals. They had him on the news plugging the nostrils on wounded ducks. The man was caught and fined ( not nearly enough). This kind of sickos need to be feared in the here and now, can you imagine such a man in worl world?!

  5. Question. What would you say about butchers or people who work in slaughter houses? Can they possess the same mentality or desensitization?

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