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USCCA Concealed Carry Protection – CCW Insurance – SHOT Show 2018

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The USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) –
– offers more than just a great magazine and CCW training. They have several levels of membership to help cover legal costs in case you ever have to use any legal deadly weapon to defend yourself or your family. If you carry a firearm you NEED USCCA protection.

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15 thoughts on “USCCA Concealed Carry Protection – CCW Insurance – SHOT Show 2018

  1. There was a situation in my town that involved a gun store owner. He heard a gun shot in the parking lot, runs out and there were two men fighting over a gun on the ground. He shoots both of them killing one and injuring the other. He ended going to jail, and had to sell his business. The prosecutor put him through the grinder. After it was over he was acquitted of any wrong doing. Then the family stepped in a filed a civil suit.

    1. Survival On Purpose I also wanted to come back and say that if the situation involved a leo and saw the gun he would have shot the guy if he didn’t disarm himself. Cops won’t fight with a guy who they know is armed. They shoot first and ask questions later.

    2. Survival On Purpose One guy was high on drugs took a gun from his families home. His brother tried to take the gun away from him. That’s where the struggle started, and the gun went off. The guy who owned the gun store is a army vet. He went out with his weapon drawn and commanded to them to stop, but they kept fighting over the gun. That’s when he shot both of them. The one that died was the drug user. That wasn’t going to end well either way. Had the vet let them fight it out innocent bystanders may have got killed. It was in a public area with a lot of people around. The druggie could have shot and killed his own brother and continued on his mission with more people in harms way.

    3. Just based on your description I would put him through the grinder 2. He runs out and shoots both of them? What if one was an undercover or off duty LEO? Obviously, there is probably more to the story if he was acquitted.

  2. It’s sad to think that if you protect your family or property, that you should have insurance to cover you for your actions. Unfortunately, this is the state of our environment today, when you can be sued by the criminal for protecting your family from harm, and they can sue you for doing it. Or, the family of the criminal sues you for killing in self defense.

    1. Or prosecuted by a politically motivated DA. That is one reason it is critical to understand basic principles of self-defense law and also what the specific laws are in your jurisdiction. That will help minimize your risk but USCCA is well worth the cost to further protect yourself because even if you are 1% justified you may still have to prove that in court and that won’t be cheap.

  3. They will not pay out if you lose criminal case but wrongful death they will. So if your case goes like OJ’s your good. But if the judge fines you guilty in sends you up the river then the Vic’s family sues you they can not pay out. Because you can profit from your criminal activity anyway.

    1. Seems reasonable to me. At least you have a way to get a good lawyer so you can have a fighting chance at winning if you are truly innocent.

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