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Urban Survival Kit | Get Home Bag: Gray Man Bag & System For When Things Go Sideways

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In this Urban Survival Kit/Get Home Bag, I was going with the ‘gray man’ approach – low profile and trying to not draw attention to myself. The bag is a basic messenger bag but it does good job organizing gear and it allows for enough but not too much gear – check it out.

Purchase the Berchirly bag here:

/// Gear List ///
Reflective bands:
Carabiner with blade:
Wazoo bracelet:
Personal Alarm:

Vanquest Organizers:
Fury Kuba-Kicks:
Fury Kubatons:
Fury Mace and Holder:
Leatherman Wingman:
CRKT Shizuka Noh Ken Tactical Knife:
Bic lighters:
Fire starters:
Fenix E05 flashlight:
Nextorch TA10:
Schrod survival pen:
Rite in the Rain Pads:
Cargo Cuff:

WHT Med Kit:
Cold Steel Pocket Shark:
Door Jamm:

Duck Commander Beanie:
Live Fire:
Waterproof matches:

Trail Mix:
Gatorade Whey Protein Bars:
Beef Jerky:
Epic Bar:
Rat trap:
Packable backpack:
Klymit Cush Recon Pad:
Packable jacket:
Reflective trail markers:
Brite Strike gear:
Fishing Kit:
Kleen Canteen:
Sawyer filter:
Aquapur tabs:
Pocket New Testament:
Solar panels:
SOL Blanket:
Brain cordage:
Large ziplock bags:

TOPS Knives ICE Dagger:
SOG Snarl:

Inversion Gaiter:
Camp towel:
Camp soap sheets:
Sunscreen Lip Balm:
Epic wet wipe:
Repel Bug spray:
Utility Flame Stove and Fuel:
Readymade Survival Cards:
Emergency mirror:

Micro USB Cord:
iPhone Cord:
Nitecore headlamp:
USB charger:
Anker Batteries:
Car USB charger:

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CRKT Squid:
Benchmade Griptilian:
Spyderco Tencious:
CRKT Fossil:

Streamlight Microstream:
Surefire Fury:
Olight S1 Baton:
Thrunite Archer 1AV2:

Bahco Laplander Saw:
Corona Folding Saw:
Mechanix Gloves:
Large Firesteel:



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7 thoughts on “Urban Survival Kit | Get Home Bag: Gray Man Bag & System For When Things Go Sideways

  1. good bag….though I will say you could lighten it up a bit. try doing a 5lb challenge for your get home bag. less to carry lets you move quicker.
    many self defense tools…..maybe too many. but that’s me. good job. a bag is an individual thing….so def different for each person.

  2. My daily carry bag is my work bag. Therefore I have to carry things like a computer and a computer charger. I have two of the pouch type survival kits in this bag. I like this system as they contain everything I need to take out if I need to carry the bag on a plane or if I have to go through a metal detector to enter a federal building for work. It is a small messenger style bag, so I can easily reach pepper spray or the tactical pen in the outside pockets, as it is on my side not worn on my back. The rest of the stuff in the bag is dual use stuff. I have a poncho and an umbrella for when it rains, but the poncho could be shelter. I have a med-first aid kit. I have a few of the travel pack things of sunscreen, bug spray, lens wipes, and wet-wipes. I have alcohol gel, a surgical face mask, phone charger, USB power block, and a small stainless water flask. I always carry money for vending machines and I usually have $100-$200 in cash as that is the ultimate survival tool. I have a small Yaesu VX3 ham radio that is the size of a pack of tick tacks but will listen to AM, FM, SW and let me call for help if I hit one of the many HAM radio repeaters in my area. It also works as a police scanner. I always have my phone loaded with survival apps and reference books. I always keep a rain jacket at work, even in the summer. My car has a lot more gear but my work bag is almost always on me so it is my primary emergency kit. Worst case I have to walk 15 miles from work to get home.

  3. Lots of stuff, seems like you have enough knives and self denfense tools to arm 12 men, I can’t imagine a scenario where you’d need all of that (kinda seems like over kill). I think I counted 6 striking tools and just as many knives, why not drop that extra 4 pounds of silly stuff and instead put in a decent 9mm pistol? Or even a 22lr pistol if your goal is something relatively light weight that you can use to defend yourself and/or get food.

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