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Top 5 Urban Survival Skills

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Today we are going to take a look at the top 5 urban survival skills
#1 Lockpicking
#2 Makeshift gas mask
#3 Making fire with electricity
#4 Be prepared
#5 Situational Awareness

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This is a holistic survival channel which means that I also do videos about prepping and urban survival. This is not a purely primitive survival channel. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Also all of my videos are pre-recorded, which mean that they do not get released immediately after I film then. That is why seasons in the video can differ from actual seasons. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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12 thoughts on “Top 5 Urban Survival Skills

  1. Lock pick set for beginners If you buy this product over my link, it wont cost you more, but still you will support my channel with a small commission. Thanks for your support. Lilly

    1. You obviously haven’t picked a lot of locks. The percentage of locks that are easy to pick on the low side at best.

    2. Christopher Valdez

      To start I have nothing to hide. I have trained hard and proud of my accomplishments and skills. I would not say I was bragging by any means just referencing that I know what Im talking about. I think you have us locksport people mixed up with criminals. Most of the people on here are doing it for sport or hobby, maybe in the most far-reaching sense of the word they could use this in a grid down or shit hits the fan type situation. If this is the case the grid is down a shit hits the fan type situation societies rules and laws mostly don’t matter anymore life’s needs take over so who cares. But since this is not a grid down type situation this is normal life grid up people are just having fun practicing picking. If I was a criminal I would use many other tools and nefarious actions other than picking the locks to get into your building. You should know this and stop spreading fear because you’re a locksmith I know you guy get crazy selling fear Its your job I understand but come down a little your not delta force locksmith running clandestine operations.

      Fint Trigger

    3. Is anything bad about fibreglass limbs I’m getting a bow with a wooden riser but it had fibreglass limbs and i don’t know the most about archery so i need to know if they’re okay

  2. Great Video Lilly 🙂
    I would recommend a different skill set…
    1: Don’t freeze. use a lot of newspaper and cardboard for insulation.
    2: Don’t starve: Spend your time learning how to hunt squirrels, mice , pigeons as your ancestors did for more than 200 thousand years.
    3: By the time you realize that you NEED a gas mask (with the modern formulations 0f toxins) it is too late. Would be better to have left the areas likely to be attacked.
    4: Be prepared to live in the wood, learn those skills 🙂
    5: Depending upon the severity of the situation, ALL of your defensive options should be in play, active and operational.
    6: Prepare to BE Offensive.

  3. Once again, great video, Lilly!
    Well, I hope you read this:
    Do you plan to record some videos in tropical environment? I’d love to watch and learn. It would be great to see you in some place like Brazilian savannah.

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