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Top 3 Dry Fire Drills Every Gun Owner Should Know

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Dry fire drills are a great way to practice with your concealed carry gun without actually firing a single round of ammo. Consistent dry fire practice will make you more prepared to defend yourself and your family.

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14 thoughts on “Top 3 Dry Fire Drills Every Gun Owner Should Know

  1. Great video Bryan! Good points! The drills seem both effective and useful. Practicing to get the right moves in muscle memory is essential. I haven´t done it that much with handguns ( since I don´t own a pistol) just some safety and target practice classes but I used to do lots of ” lift, follow and dryfire” with shotgun. Really helped a lot with aiming instinctively. Have a great day 🙂 Big thumbs up!

  2. Very solid drills. Folks should practice these types of drills until they get proficient and follow up regularly to keep these skills sharp. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

  3. good info! Training is important. it’s important to know these skills well enough to the point it’s the natural thing to do.

  4. Sound solid drills!!!!!!!!!!! When I was in managment at the biggest gun store in Tucon, these three drills (and others) were always taught. And I must say that I really LOVE that sign on your fire place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless.

  5. Brian as you know I’m a big proponent of training, training and more training, learning by rote. One of the best visual-aid tools is a full length mirror, you can instantly critique yourself. It takes getting used to and you might give yourself a laugh for a bit. But the self study will pay off the more you practice. How worthwhile is it to practice hard so that you might save yourself, a family member or someone else or all of the above, priceless? Brain, Happy belated Turkey Day to you and your family!

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