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This Item SHOULD Be in Your BUG-OUT BAG

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This modern power-up can come in very handy in a survival situation.

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Slow release Caffeine

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7 thoughts on “This Item SHOULD Be in Your BUG-OUT BAG

  1. Man, that caffeine sounds dangerous, I am sticking to cocaine and Crystal Meth! LOL. GREAT idea brother, not one I even considered. I am adding it to my list of prep items.

  2. Caffeine pills may be okay for a short-term use but I would caution people against using them to stay awake for long periods of time I’m talking 24 hour periods or longer. Even in a shit hits the fan situation sleep is important if you do not sleep your cognitive function will degrade over time. I would not suggest that someone not have caffeine pills in the bug out bag but what I would suggest is balancing them if they are used with sleep at a later time during a 24-hour period. And if I were to use them I would do my best to use them sparingly

  3. Good idea for a prep item. BTW I’m loving my bugout bag system, which includes a hard use section and a two-panel vinyl/clear section in first aid red (for first aid and repair items).

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