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The Perfect Bug Out Bag Prep: Simple and Very Useful

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Throw a couple of these in you Bug out bag, it has many uses.

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7 thoughts on “The Perfect Bug Out Bag Prep: Simple and Very Useful

  1. 1) Find a sturdy stick, put the nail through it BOOM post apocalyptic club.
    2) Find a long stick, put the nails diagonally through so the pointy end comes out the tip of the stick, BOOM Frog jig? or w/e those things are called to catch fish/frogs
    3) take nail, use it to put the final nail in your enemies coffin, BOOM bad ass but also a waste of a nail….
    4) make a sign that says “gun free zone” then nail it outside your camp BOOM! liberal logic.
    5) find a hot girl and nail her! BOOM! wait that’s the wrong kind of nail nvm…

  2. you can buy 10″ long 3/8″ dia. nails at Home Depot. They make great tent pegs or a dagger. Sharpen the point with a file or grinder.

  3. while this is all fine and dandy and a great idea I think there will be lots of nails around in sheds, cabins, barns, coffee cans ,glass jars…ect….hell I find lots of them metal detecting ….would rather toss an extra .223 round in my pack than a nail !

  4. 4 great things i got from ebay that i added to my kit for 70 bucks

    water pouch
    multi shovel
    small solar charger

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