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The Copperhead By Up Armored Knives

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The “Copperhead” Fixed blade knife from Up Armored Knives. Excellent craftsmanship and beauty.

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7 thoughts on “The Copperhead By Up Armored Knives

  1. $215 for a knife with 1095 steel? No thanks. Ontario Rat 5 is a fixed blade 1095 steel with micarta handles for about $50. You can get a lot of knife for $200 with a significantly superior steel.

  2. I fell for the high dollar BS a couple years back. I bought a LT Wright and a BHK knife. They’re nice, but honestly no better than knives for half the price.
    Save your money people.

  3. Man…That is a gorgeous knife. I just went to their website and they make some really unique high quality sheaths as well. I’ve never seen designs like this before. I’m definitely adding this knife maker to my wanted list. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful knife, but I’m in the market for something I won’t be pissed about going missing or being stolen?! Absolutely stellar craftsmanship though! I might buy something like this for my father’s birthday! He doesn’t lose gear nearly as much as I do lol!

    Thanks again!

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