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The Complete JX-Series Explained w/ End-User Feedback – Preparedmind101

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**READ** This is meant to be a reference video now that the JX-series is complete. To find a specific knife, chapter times are below:
Jess-X: 1:30
JX2 Jessmuk: 3:45
JX3: 7:33
JX4 Bushbat: 10:27
JX5 Vengeful-1: 14:22
JX6 Companion: 19:30
Jessmuk-C: 22:35
Summary: 26:00

Jessmuk Multi-Channel Summary Video:


(Jessmuk) Knivesshipfree:

(Jessmuk) DLT Trading:

(Jessmuk) The Knife Connection:

(Jessmuk) DLT Trading:

(JX3) Knivesshipfree:

(JX3) DLT Trading:

(JX3) The Knife Connection:

(JX3) BladeHQ:

(JX4 in A2) Knivesshipfree:

(JX4 in CPM154)

(JX4 in A2) DLT Trading:

(JX4 in CPM154) DLT Trading:


(JX6 in A2) Knivesshipfree: SOLD OUT

(JX6 in CPM154) Knivesshipfree:

(JX6 in A2) DLT Trading: SOLD OUT

(JX6 in CPM154) DLT Trading:

(Jessmuk-C): DLT Trading:

Bark River:



PM101 Morale Patch:






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9 thoughts on “The Complete JX-Series Explained w/ End-User Feedback – Preparedmind101

  1. BTW, on the subject of cost…
    My Jessmuk cost about 3/4 of what an unskilled worker would be paid here in Brasil (minimum wages), but come on, if you squirrel away a buck here and a couple there, don’t drink that extra coke at lunch, etc. in a while you would be able to afford one.And it is a once-in-a-lifetime buy, not some US$20,00 piece of reclaimed spring steel someone gorund a bevel and glued some wood on!

  2. As I watch this video, I am stropping my JX2 Jessmuk, probably the first (or one of the first) Jessmuk in NE Brazil.
    Yes, there is a bit of learning how to use it, but once you take a couple of minutes to get used to the belly… Man, oh man, this is a great knife, probably the best I have for everything bushcraft-wise, and I am not talking about feathering pine, but splitting (and featheing) Mimosa and other really hard woods, carving and notching bamboo, and at the same time preparing meat and vegetables to cook.
    It has the most comfortable handle I’ve ever held, with no hotspots or fatigue.
    I just love it!

  3. You have a lot of great Knives Out I just started my own YouTube channel and I’m was just hoping that maybe I would be able to test and review one of your knives I love the Bush bat and the jessmuk I have been a longtime fan of yours I love your Channel and I just thought I would ask unfortunately I can’t afford to purchase one or I would do it that way thank you and God Bless you

  4. Eventually, I’ll have most of your knives. Can’t wait for the Second run of the Vengeful 1. My next one for sure if not, the Jessmux.

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