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The Collapse of Youtube: Demonetization Fiasco

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My longest video ever… I talk about youtube, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The proof of what I say is in the view counts on this video.

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12 thoughts on “The Collapse of Youtube: Demonetization Fiasco

  1. I just checked my subscription feed. All the videos that I have watched in the last days are gone. Instead now I get 7 month old videos in my sub feed. I dont know if this is just a temporary bug. If people want to follow a youtuber they really need to click on the notification bell. This really sucks!!

    1. Survival Lilly/Canadian prepper
      I’m sorry you and so many get hit with this….. demonetize stuff.. because you are definitely good stuff. As he says, we/they are forgetting what made this great… freedom…. there will be a new “youtube” and life goes on, and that is the nature and truth of what the Internet is and should be that’s what youtube was…. but…not anymore…. I guesss…..

  2. Interesting fact is, that even my aging parents and their friends are watching less TV and more YouTube.
    People notice the politics being forced on themselves by the lamestream networks and they are getting increasingly more and more sick of it. The old networks are dying and the powers and interests in this world are well aware of this fact. 
    The internet based entertainment networks are thriving in comparison and the larger and older and more vertically integrated networks are looking at ways to morph in and take over. Some YouTube creators are being shuffled out and others shuffled in.
    YouTube is playing with rankings and notifications and monetization but there are considerations that remain the same.
    If your content is good (whatever that may mean) people will gravitate to it and watch it. Your only concerns should be, 1: Am I creating interesting content?, and 2: Is this worth the effort?
    I do watch your content, as well as Survival Lily and Praxis Prepper and others because your content is good. I also don’t allow YouTube to push me around by relying on them to notify me as to whether you have a new video out. I go directly to your channel and see for myself. I seek out new creators by doing searches and checking out what my current favourite creators are watching. I determine what my favourite channels are by virtue of my level of disappointment when I don’t find a new video by them or conversely by my excitement when I do.
    If you, as a creator, need money to do what you do, by all means go out and get it. There are many ways and means to do this. People who criticise you by saying that this is selling out are not the ones creating your content, you do that entirely on your own. If they choose to refuse to watch your content because of this, so be it. I happen to like what you do. I think that most people tend to understand these things.

  3. Bottom line is to many youtubers . Google doesn’t want to pay out to all the videos . YouTube wants to pay but they want paid subscribers and is probably very little . Even the big tv networks are starting up paid subscribers on the internet .

  4. hey man another channel was having this issue and he said something about as long as he puts his videos up for review before submitting the video on youtube they will supposedly put the videos out monitized without issues. He DID say the review takes about a week but once you can get it into a rotation after that first week or so they you should, theoretically, jump right back on it without issues. you could always give that a try.

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