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The Bug Out Roll: FULLY LOADED with Survival Gear!

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I go over the contents of my bug out roll / bug out bag to introduce this roll to those who dont know about it and some ideas for those who already have one. This is only part 1 looking at the top half of the roll.

Get a Bug Out Roll Here:

SAS Survival Handbook

Titan Stormproof/ Waterproof matches

Fresnel Lens

Large Ferro Rod

Signal Mirror

Bushnell GPS/ Backtrack

Lensatic Compass

Survival Cards (knot tying instructives

Olight H2R Flashlight

Zendure A8 battery pack (not the one shown but MUCH better in same form factor)

Tecsun Radio

Rite in the Rain waterproof notepad

Portable Kitchen sink (for carrying water)

Portable Shower (sea to Summit)

Toilet Paper tablets

Survivor Filter

Aquatabs (water purification tablets)

Camp Wash/ Soap

Waterproof Match container

SOL Emergency blanket



Chiappa Combo

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9 thoughts on “The Bug Out Roll: FULLY LOADED with Survival Gear!

  1. Great load out CP! Glad to see quality products like this being 100% made in Canada for a change. The Canadian market def needs to up it’s game in this type of market IMHO.. I carry oral rehydration salts not the best tasting but effective and thats the part that counts ATB from the YK

  2. Gear Aid Reflective Fabric Tape
    Camp shamy(?)
    Curad Antiviral Facemasks vs N95 vs N100
    Chiappa M6 .22 W~M~-R / 20g
    Tecson Short Wave Radio in comment

    Don’t mind me….This is more a note reference for me to come back to this video when I am not occupied with two other things!

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