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The #1 Tip for Surviving Federal Prison!

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What is the # 1 survival tip for prison, find out here!

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7 thoughts on “The #1 Tip for Surviving Federal Prison!

  1. Whether you know it or not you are already red flagged. It’s all about how you are processed on the scene when the cops arrive. Be advised you are in the system as to political affiliation and groups even if you have a clean record. When they grab you shut up, say nothing other than asking them this one question. Question: “Officer, do you think I need a lawyer?”.

  2. Eyes and Ears open mouth shut. Simple until that one S O A B either takes a dislike or worse takes a liking to ya and has designs on fucking you up the ass!

  3. Excellent advice for dealing with family drama too. “I don’t know, don’t care, leave me out of it” is what I say.

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