WOWTAC A4: 2000LM/750+Meter Thrower – Preparedmind101

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Black Scout Survival Tactical Flashight – Wowtac BSS 3

The Wowtac Black Scout Survival tactical flashlight has been improved! It features a new interface and side switch location make this an even better choice for self defense use. Buy the BSS 3 on Amazon and support this channel: Please consider supporting this channel by using this link for all your Amazon

WOWTAC A3 Zoomable Budget Light – Preparedmind101

The Wowtac line has been pretty popular so far. The A3 is the newest in the line, offering an affordable option for a zoomable flashight. A3 and A3S (AMAZON): A1 and A1S (AMAZON): A2 and A2S Headlamp (AMAZON): A1S (Blackscoutsurvival) (AMAZON): ---- ---- ---- SPONSORS: Jessmuk/JX3/JX4/JX5/JX6/Jessmuk-C Dealers: KSF: DLT:

Black Scout Survival Tactical Flashlight – A Great Upgrade

Tactical flashlights can be a very useful self defense tool but they can get expensive. So, USMC veteran and combative instructor Jack Richland from Black Scout Survival has worked withe the folks at Wowtac to design a very useful tactical stile flashlight at a budget price. Buy this flashlight on Amazon