Best Canteen – Which one should you get?!

Best Canteen - Which one should you get?! Stainless Steel Canteen: Nalgene Stainless Steel: Rothco Canteen: Nalgene Oasis: Keith Titanium Canteen: Check out Survival Lilly’s Shop: Want a Survival Lilly T-Shirt? Want to support Lilly via Patreon? Gear I recommend on Amazon: Lilly`s cameras for Youtube: Sony Olympus ► More Videos To Watch – Lilly’s

The Most Practical Prepping Investment

A must have preparedness item! Get a Berky system through links below Porta Berky (tiny) (1 Quart) Travel Berky (small) 1.5 Gallon Big Berky (Medium) 2.25 Gallon Royal Berkey (Large) 3 Gallon Imperial Berkey (Extra Large) 4.5 Gallons Crown Berkey (Supersized!) (6 Gallons) Berkey Light (2.75 Gallons but made of plastic) After the Collapse Series Playlist Here: Gear Review