Educating Wranglestar on Silky Saws: Katanaboy Vs. Bucksaw

Ichiban samurai saws are not full tang, are not chrome plated and have much less variety. The only fair comparison to a 4 foot bucksaw is a Katanaboy 1000 even though the 500 beat it! Get a Katanaboy 650 here (freeshipping to USA/ CANADA) price in canadian dollars Get the best prices

Top 10 Super-Preps: Survival/ Camping/ Prepping Gear

COMPLETE SUPER PREP GEAR LIST HERE! STAY TUNED FOR AN UPCOMING SUPER PREPS UNDER 100$ VIDEO! 1) Berky Water filtration systems USA CANADA 2) Woodstoves GuideGear Knico 3) Monowalker 4) Bug out Roll 5) Flashlights Olight X7R Marauder Imalent DX80 Thrunite TN 42 Olight M2R Warrior 6) SAS Survival Bow 7) Harvest Right 8) Powerfilm Solar Panels 120 Discounted 10 watt/ 13 watt 9) Inergy Portable Solar

A Premium Quality and AFFORDABLE Survival Tool

Only 30$ if in the USA this tool is an absolute no brainer and if you dont have one you are a huge loss. Use less time and energy Pick up one at Big Bear Tools in Canada Or Sherril Tree in the USA Get a Bug Out Roll Here: Support the