(2018) My Top 5 (Personal Favorite) Fixed Blade Outdoor Knives – Preparedmind101

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C2GFAB, Nickelback, and The Devil (GAW) – Preparedmind101

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Tag!! Forced To Choose: Three Primary Belt Knives (One Budget) – Preparedmind101

How it works: Lay out all the knives you would not get rid of. You must now eliminate your knives until you choose 3, and one must be "budget". This is harder than it seems. LOTS OF LINKS: BARK RIVERS: LOS LOBOS Knivesshipfree: DLT Trading: SOG MAC V KSF : DLT: BRAVO-1 LT: KSF: DLT: BUSHCRAFTER 3V: KSF: DLT: LT WRIGHT KNIVES: OUTBACK DLT:

The Complete JX-Series Explained w/ End-User Feedback – Preparedmind101

**READ** This is meant to be a reference video now that the JX-series is complete. To find a specific knife, chapter times are below: Jess-X: 1:30 JX2 Jessmuk: 3:45 JX3: 7:33 JX4 Bushbat: 10:27 JX5 Vengeful-1: 14:22 JX6 Companion: 19:30 Jessmuk-C: 22:35 Summary: 26:00 Jessmuk Multi-Channel Summary Video: BUY LINKS: (Jessmuk) Knivesshipfree: (Jessmuk) DLT Trading: (Jessmuk) The Knife Connection: (Jessmuk) DLT

Best Bushcraft Knife?? / Bark River Bushcrafter II – Preparedmind101

I deal with the biggest question right after "What is the meaning of life?" and then dive into a new knife review from the "First Impressions/Firs Use" perspective, the Bark River Bushcrafter 2. LINK: SPONSORS: Jessmuk/JX3/JX4/JX5/JX6/Jessmuk-C Dealers: KSF: DLT: PM101 Morale Patch: MANTIS OUTDOORS: SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

Benchmade/LTWK GAW Winners/Upcoming Vids/Exploding Trolls – Preparedmind101

Two GAW winners announced. All (current) upcoming videos, plus news on my trip tomorrow. An interesting "Clockwork Orange" experiment for snowflakey-troll types for the pure fun of it. SPONSORS: SHOP AND SUPPORT THROUGH THE AMAZON STORE (This REALLY helps!: Jessmuk/JX3/JX4/JX5/JX6 Dealers: PM101 Morale Patch: Audible Trial (supports channel):

LTWK Outback CPM-3V Bushcraft Knife Review – Preparedmind101

(Also available in Saber Grind/). After putting some use in on the LT Wright Outback after the First Impressions, Will from Mantis Outdoors and I break down the knife. SHOP AND SUPPORT THROUGH THE AMAZON STORE (This REALLY helps!: Jessmuk/Bushbat/JX3/JX6 Dealers: BUY A JESS-X: PM101 Morale Patch:

LTWK Outback (CPM3V) Part 1 of 2: First Impressions – Preparedmind101

The LTWK Outback is an exclusive knife only available from . I do the "stats/impressions/initial use" thing here, and will do a follow up field use video next week with Ben from Living Survival. BUY AT DLT (They also have the Jessmuk, JX3, and SOSPES) LTWK WEBSITE: LTWK FB: SHOP AND