My 2018 Spring/Summer Lightweight EDC (Everyday Carry)

This is what I commonly carry during the warmer months of the year. I try to keep it lightweight unless I'm doing something out of the ordinary. Some things change, but this is fairly typical for me. The first knife I showed is made by Kevin McGee that I came across

Leatherman Wave Plus and a Cool Impulse Buy Knife – Preparedmind101

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Leatherman – 35 Years of Multi Tool Excellence – SHOT Show 2018

Leatherman turns 35 years old in 2018. Their top-selling Leatherman Wave has sold over 10 million units making it the best selling multi tool ever. Plus, they have a limited edition re-issue of their original Pocket Survival Tool and some upgrades to several current models. Buy Leatherman on Amazon and support

Leatherman Celebrates The ORIGINAL Survival Tool | Shot Show 2018

Leatherman has been around for 35 years this year, so they are re-releasing the original Survival Tool that Tim Leatherman built, as well as giving a focus to the Wave (which has been around for 20 years). The leather sheaths are excellent - really nice and old-school- check them

Travel Safe Multi Tool – Schrade ST12TSACP Keychain Tool

The Schrade Travel Safe Keychain Multi Tool is a great way to have at least some basic tool with you while you travel. It is designed to be TSA compliant do it has no knife blade. But it does have a decent pair of small pliers, a couple of screwdrivers,

Spring 2017 EDC Rundown (With Tags) – Preparedmind101

One of those FAQs that I can never understand why anyone wants to know. The seasons have changed, and so we all adjust our carry gear. I rundown my list of current warm weather carry items. PM101 Store: Blackscout Store: C2GFAB: JX4 Bushbat (A2 Steel): JX4 Bushbat (CPM154): JX4 Bushbat

RAE Gear Leatherman and Mag Sheaths ($25) – Preparedmind101

I never thought I'd ever find a way to carry my Leatherman Surge that I liked...Most Multitool Sheaths are bulky. These are powder coated stainless steel and 2oz. Everything is $25. WEBSITE: SHOP AND SUPPORT THROUGH THE AMAZON STORE (This REALLY helps!: RAMBLING’S OF A PREPARED MIND CHANNEL: BUY A