New Arrivals Update (3 Knives People Keep Asking Me About) – Preparedmind101

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(2018) My Top 5 (Personal Favorite) Fixed Blade Outdoor Knives – Preparedmind101

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The Complete JX-Series Explained w/ End-User Feedback – Preparedmind101

**READ** This is meant to be a reference video now that the JX-series is complete. To find a specific knife, chapter times are below: Jess-X: 1:30 JX2 Jessmuk: 3:45 JX3: 7:33 JX4 Bushbat: 10:27 JX5 Vengeful-1: 14:22 JX6 Companion: 19:30 Jessmuk-C: 22:35 Summary: 26:00 Jessmuk Multi-Channel Summary Video: BUY LINKS: (Jessmuk) Knivesshipfree: (Jessmuk) DLT Trading: (Jessmuk) The Knife Connection: (Jessmuk) DLT

Best Bushcraft Knife?? / Bark River Bushcrafter II – Preparedmind101

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LTWK Outback (CPM3V) Part 1 of 2: First Impressions – Preparedmind101

The LTWK Outback is an exclusive knife only available from . I do the "stats/impressions/initial use" thing here, and will do a follow up field use video next week with Ben from Living Survival. BUY AT DLT (They also have the Jessmuk, JX3, and SOSPES) LTWK WEBSITE: LTWK FB: SHOP AND