Kizer Nomad: S35VN, Persian Blade, Titanium Handle

The Nomad - I like it a lot. I am naturally inclined toward Persian-style blades. Not sure why but I love the way they look. So as you can imagine, the Nomad is a winner in my book. S35VN steel, nicely made, sweet looking and this

Osage River Light-Duty Range Bag: Range, Gear, Emergency Bag

I have used the larger Osage River Range Bag for the better part of a year now for my 'inside the car' emergency bag with my med kit, reflective gear, and some other items as well. This bag is a smaller version of that bag, and it's been fun

My 2018 Spring/Summer Lightweight EDC (Everyday Carry)

This is what I commonly carry during the warmer months of the year. I try to keep it lightweight unless I'm doing something out of the ordinary. Some things change, but this is fairly typical for me. The first knife I showed is made by Kevin McGee that I came across

My Current 2018 EDC Gear Pocket Dump

My EDC - Everyday Carry - items have not changed a lot over the past few years. I’ve make a couple of tweaks but, overall, I still travel pretty light. Here’s sort of a pocket dump. Here are links to purchase all the gear I carry and use daily: Klik Belt 2

Mars Gear Spectre 20 L Backpack With Guest Johnny from 180 Ideas

The Mars Gear Spectre 20 L Backpack is a functional bag that Johnny used for a variety of everyday carry kind of functions. As you'll hear, he is digging the pack and has enjoyed it. Check out Johnny‘s YouTube channel here: Purchase this bag here: Use this link to

Leatherman Celebrates The ORIGINAL Survival Tool | Shot Show 2018

Leatherman has been around for 35 years this year, so they are re-releasing the original Survival Tool that Tim Leatherman built, as well as giving a focus to the Wave (which has been around for 20 years). The leather sheaths are excellent - really nice and old-school- check them

2018 EDC Everyday Carry

2018 EDC Everyday Carry. Being well prepared for everyday task. Be a Team Sootch Minuteman: Sootch00 Gear available at: Thanks For Watching, Liking & Subscribing! ~ Sootch00 Music is from Jingle Punks Royalty Free Music through the Fullscreen Network. Used with permission.

Olight S1 Mini Baton 600 Lumens Flashlight!

New Olight S1 Mini Baton. 600 Lumens of awesomeness! The smallest light that uses the CR123 Lithium Battery. Olight S1 Mini Baton with Free Shipping: Buying from this link helps the Sootch00 Channel stay on YouTube. Thanks! Forged From Freedom T-Shirts Be a Team Sootch Minuteman: Sootch00 Gear available

Kershaw Natrix: The Poor Man’s ZT 0770 – Preparedmind101

You dig the 0770 but are broke as a joke? Look no further than the Kershaw Natrix to scratch that itch! BUY LINK (DLT): BUY LINK (Goinggear): BUY LINK (PM101 Amazon): SPONSORS: Bark River: Goinggear: RETAIL PARTNERS: Knivesshipfree: DLT Trading: PM101 Morale Patch: ... MANTIS OUTDOORS: SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: