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Survival Archery Systems Recon Survival Bow – Preparedmind101

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(Different from the original model!)

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9 thoughts on “Survival Archery Systems Recon Survival Bow – Preparedmind101

  1. Chris, who makes the best Solar Chargers? RAV power, Anker or someone else? I’m in the market and looking to buy!

  2. Do you have any good suggestions on got tents. It’s really cold most of the year where I’m from

  3. Iā€™m left handed and carnt decide which hand to hold the bow lol a cat defo in my left šŸ‘

  4. I haven’t shot in a while either, but that’s no excuse not to hold. before you “aim”, and after the release. We’re not Hawkeye and Robin Hood, just firing away.
    This goes to everyone, not just Chris. Shoot save!

    1. JayFolipurba i think you missed the point.the point of the video isn’t Chris’s accuracy or shooting technique or style… the video is about the bow.

  5. Love my “original one” I won in an earlier video šŸ˜€ Thank’s for the tip with Wilson Wrap

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