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Sootch00 Top Two Black Friday Sales

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Olight Black Friday Sale Page

OLIGHT Black Friday Sale
1. Promotion Date: Nov. 24th-28th.
2. 45% off for S1R only on Nov.24th.
3. 40% off for S1A, R50, H1, M3XS-UT
4. 20% off for others models
5. All the customer can buy 1pc I3E-BK for free (1st 5000 Customers)

Brownells Sootch00 Page

Black Rifle Friday Sale
1-Entire Brownells online product offering
2-Promo Code: MEF
3-Offer: 10% off $50 + Free Shipping
4-Start Date: 11/22/2017
5-End Date: 11/26/2017

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7 thoughts on “Sootch00 Top Two Black Friday Sales

  1. Congrats! You rekt the Olight store. I just got an email from my SR1 and a PL-2 order. **Due to extremely high volume of the S1R purchases on black friday, if you purchased one the order shipment may be delayed 1-2 weeks.** Thanks for posting the great deals.

  2. Thanks Sootch for all the great reviews and tips! Followed your channel for quite a while. Wanted to ask if you have any gear with ‘Be of Good Courage’ or ‘God Bless America’ logos? If not, I’m sure they’d sell. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I’m trying to find a backpack like the Maxpedition gyrfalcon but it’s 2 to 3 months back order what would you recommend to replace it

  4. Just ordered 3 lights from olight! First time I’ve had a light besides a mag lite or a Walmart light lol got an s1a at 40% off and an s2a for 45% off and a free e3i!!

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