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Smith and Wesson CKSUR4N Homeland Security Tactical Bowie

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The Smith and Wesson CKSUR4N Homeland Security Full Tang knife is probably designed as a fighting knife or tactical knife but it does a pretty good job as a bushcraft or survival knife. And it is very well balanced 😉

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11 thoughts on “Smith and Wesson CKSUR4N Homeland Security Tactical Bowie

  1. An interesting looking knife even though it isn’t quite my style. I wonder if Smith and Wesson would round the edges a bit for comfort in later versions?

    My choice for the Tactical/Bushcraft Knife is still the Seal Pup. (More Tactical than Bushcraft/ Camp Knife.) My Choice for a Bushcraft or Hunting knife is the Condor Bushlore while my Hunting Knife is the Buck 105. (Then again all of these knives can be put into use in any of the categories.)

    For the money though, if you need a Skinning Knife you just can’t go wrong with an Ulu.

    Great video and I liked the format. Keep up the great videos.


  2. You make pretty sounds with that git-tar. I hope to hear more in future videos. That fatwood you have is going to last another 20 years! A little dab will do you. Knives, fatwood and git-tar music, all in one place. I will stay tuned. Thanks Bryan.

  3. That was an enjoyable change up with the guitar and letting the video do the talking. Not that we don’t enjoy your rambling:)

  4. cksur4 is definitely not bushcraft more like a self defense knife I Have tried to carve a feather stick but oak is not the best bushcraft wood

  5. “Homeland Security”…try taking THAT through the TSA. TSA would actually like it Bough because they would score a free knife. Theiving turds. Cool looking knife. Thanks Bryan. -Corey @ P2T

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