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SECRET Places to BUG OUT to When SHTF

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If the S really HTF and I mean full blown… Where do you retreat to if you have no land outside the city? In this video I give you an idea of where to go, perhaps to my own peril!

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7 thoughts on “SECRET Places to BUG OUT to When SHTF

  1. Well My comment can only help your video ratings. Out here you can see 20 miles at a stretch and there are some trees they are VERY few and FAR between. Thought the center of Nevada is the basin and range which is sparse desert with ribs of mountain running north south that is moderately forrested.Water is madly sparse and seasonal so wildlife is proportionate and small. It is harder to support larger animals due to food resources available. But on the other hand. If you are successful out here the odds of most other people trying to live out here is very low so it has it’s own self creating security. The regular Joe and Jane would think several times about attempting the task or any task really out here.

  2. Unfortunately,very little unutilized land here in the states.Curious to your solutions for those barriers y’all came up with…

  3. In Ontario, no permanent structures on Crown Land. You also cannot hunt on all tracts. Generally speaking, unoccupied land in unoccupied because it will not support people. Cold, no fertile soil, no growing season, swamp, all tend to be the problems. Even Canadian indigenous communities had to practice agriculture to survive. However, everything you say about getting there is true….and from southern-eastern and south-central Ontario it is too far.

  4. I will have 2 angels with me when things go bad for protection, but still will have to flee to remote place God says your bread and water will be sure. Knowing the truth and trusting God will be your best survival prep, having said that you will still have to know how to grow food and forage and live in the wild. There is a key to having angels to protect you. Read your Bible

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