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Sawyer Select S2 Water Purifer: First Look – Preparedmind101

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The new squishy-riffic water purifier from Sawyer.


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12 thoughts on “Sawyer Select S2 Water Purifer: First Look – Preparedmind101

  1. I don’t see getting all hung up on the “feel” of the product. The ability to filter out pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals is huge. There are a few other filters out there that do this (Berkey) but not too many. Here is rural PA, I rarely take water from the lowland streams. I think this can be an invaluable addition to emergency preps. The bottom line is that it will give you clean, drinkable water. That, in an of itself, can be worth it’s weight in gold.

    1. agreed on all counts. I’m willing to pay $1 for a single bottle of water now, under current conditions. How much will you be willing to pay for that bottle when your kids are thirsty and scared? I’m really glad to see that Sawyer is still trying to push the state of the art and put it into the hands of as many people as they can.

    2. +Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors Thats pretty much it. If you compare the CAPABILITIES of what it does against anything similar… You’ll find that it’s very fairly priced.

    3. A few S3s would be a must for any city dwellers IMHO. We take clean, abundant water for granted here in the USA. Take that away from people and you will see things get medevial pretty quickly. I don’t want to devolve this into a doomsday scenario discussion though. The S1 I can take or leave. The S2 and S3 are someting special though. Like I said, I’m surrounded by water sources here in rural PA but I know my regular Sawyer Squeeze won’t remove the manmade garbage that I know is in those streams. I’ll be getting a few of these for the family. It seems like a great option, at least until something better comes along.

  2. There are so many filter options on the market, when it comes to water bottle type filters I pick the classic Berkey Sport bottle. It’s great for urban areas because it removes/reduces chemicals and pesticides. If you want the water pure you can add a couple drops of bleach to the water before filtering. It’ll kill viruses and the filter will remove the bleach. Cost of the filter is under $20, so when it comes to other bottle filters it’s kind of hard to beat.

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