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Rationing Food in SHTF: Who Eats Last?

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Hoe do you divide resources fairly after disaster strikes? What should the rationale be for rationing food? This video was a response to a video to a topic introduced by Mike Helton Survival and Prepping. What are your thoughts? I will post a link to Mikes Channel here, remember I do not necessarily endorse everything that people say/ do on their channels but find value in the talking points they introduce, this is a response to one of those topics.

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7 thoughts on “Rationing Food in SHTF: Who Eats Last?

  1. The hunter eats first and gives the scraps to everyone else. Always been that way because iif the hunter get to weak to hunt they all die.

  2. All of my country is messo or macro prepers from 1990 til now and going on we dont have political stability we had years of war even with and nato and survival is second nature for most of my ppl every year before winter we put winter stok it last from septembar til may next year

  3. I have some very obese family members. What do you think of the ethics of them being last in line as they have the onboard reserves and they will not be able to do the work of the rest of us?

  4. I think this is a very important topic!! The reality of survival in a SHTF situation.

    Since prepping is being prepared for a situation should the occasion arise; it may be an interesting topic to breakdown various “diets” that are out right now that ppl could be doing to prepare for a SHTF and the pros and cons of each. Health and Fitness is my background (schooling), and what the body does or how it adapts under certain diets or lifestyles is quite fascinating.

    I have been doing Keto for about 7 months now, and what the body does to adapt to this way of eating is quite incredible. My body utilizes fats for fuel, as opposed to carbs, or breaking down proteins to convert into usable glucose. In a SHTF situation, my body won’t have to rely on body sugars in order to function. The draw back is that I would have to keep my fat content high, and protein levels moderate. Too high of protein levels and the body with start to break it down to glucose. The other drawback on Keto is hydration, and staying hydrated; carbs help hold water in cells. To combat that, the sodium levels have to be raised (Himalayan salt is one of the best salts to go with). Obviously you can’t be picky in a SHTF situation, but having being fat adapted, I could go quite some time before giving my body carbs for fuel. But once I give my body carbs, now more ketosis and no more fat adaption.

    Another thought, is intermittent fasting. Being able to expose oneself to such a way of eating may be crucial. By practicing intermittent fasting one will know how it feels to be hungry but more than likely it won’t affect them much as someone who has never fasted. Some do the basic intermittent fasting schedule, while I have seem others who take it to a whole other level by fasting 2 or 3 days at a time and yet they are fully functional.

    Just my thoughts, I think it would be an interesting topic, and it could be something that ppl could try to incorporate into their prepping regimen.

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