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RANT!- “But I Could Just Build That!!!”

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7 thoughts on “RANT!- “But I Could Just Build That!!!”

  1. I’ll just come out and say it, I don’t care for Canucks…unless your name is Garand, Sinclair, Hart, Mc Donald, Orr, Lafleur….or John Wick…jk, with that being said and knowing what we had to depend on back in the not to distant past, well maybe a little distant, you know, well before someone invented the term “prepping” We would have gladly paid almost any amount for this Kodiak contraption. I think the problem with some “prepper’s” is they’ve never had to, by circumstance or even willingly, spent any considerable time out in the deep dark woods, aka: snowflakes, emphasis on the flakes. Point is either the people (us ugly Americans) either support the channel for the info you’ve garnered or you’re just pseudo preppers …you k,now, flakes… and are no better than a Canadian..jk……..ya ya I know I’m passive aggressive. Funny thought, (not ha ha funny) while I don’t particularly care for Shrinks…either, I’ve always liked salesmen.

  2. I agree with you for the most part however the things i decide to make on my own often times is due to the amount of tools I have available to complete it and also gives me enjoyment not necessarily about the money for myself

  3. I do make my own stuff where I know I can do it right. Purchasing quality products from retailers is going to come with a warranty. Manufactures have to guarantee their products to do or meet the expectations a end user expects. This is a sign of quality and responsibility. Purchasing a ‘power supply’ may cost more than you expect, but at the end of the day, it will be replaced or repaired by the supplier within a reasonable time. Your home built item will fail one day and you will need to repair or build a new item.
    An example of what to expect with Cheap v Expensive, I have been in the surveillance industry for many years and dealt with top range equipment. A Samsung external camera is around AU$250.00. A look-a-like camera on the ‘Net’ would cost in the vicinity of AU$60.00. This comes with a warranty as well and if the unit fails, You bear the cost of returning it to the supplier. Say in China, and the cost will be around AU$60 and waiting for the replacement. This is to deter you from calming warranty, and throwing the unit away and buy a new one. It’s CHEAPER. Don’t forget, the product you purchase to be an essential tool in a survival situation is going to be put too the test when it’s needed the most. No warranty! no one to blame! just you.

  4. I love your rants.
    Yes, if you want quality goods, be willing to pay for them!
    Buy once, cry once. Get while the gettns good

  5. I will agree that the $1800 solar “generator” is probably the best, most versatile package for its size. However, we (as preppers) should have the ability to construct something similar out of parts. I just bought 384 solar panels ranging from 145 to 20 watts, at auction, for $500USD. I have batteries, charge controllers, inverters etc. Will it be as small and sophisticated as yours? No. Will t work? Yes. Am I saying you shouldn’t buy the SG if you have the scratch? Heck no! That thing is way cool! I would rather spend my hard earned money on other preps like food and water!

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