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Prisoners After SHTF: A Discussion with a Former Prisoner

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Check out ‘Fresh Outs’ youtube channel here and subscribe, stay tuned for the upcoming interview where we talk about how to survive in prison and how prisoners and society will be impacted by SHTF!

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15 thoughts on “Prisoners After SHTF: A Discussion with a Former Prisoner

  1. When I first left active duty, I worked 9 years in the correctional system, as a Corrections Officer.
    2.5 years state & 6.5 years Federal.
    I left to go back to active military service.

    3 basic level of institutions.
    USP- penitentiary. High security risk and violence.
    FCI- Institution, medium to medium high security risk and violence.
    FPC- Camp, low to extremely low risk and violence (in fact they don’t even have a fence around the compound).

    Then the odd ball FDX or super max that is now in Colorado.

    I have seen a few episodes of this gentleman’s channel.
    Some of his advice is not only good for those entering the system, but for Correctional Officers too.

    Don’t have a big head, no chips on your shoulders, be respectful, but yet confidently stand your ground (don’t show fear or doubt in yourself), don’t lie, and if you ever make a “promise” you better damn well follow through with it or have a freakin undeniable reason why you couldn’t.

    It’s called professionalism and a good strong ethical character.

    Don’t get me wrong, its an eventuality that someone (inmate) who just doesn’t give a damn, will challange you (or at least the rules you have to enforce) OR just for no known reason (to you), will come right at you.

    1. Terry Britton as a AZ State prison Corrections Officer I completely agree with Terry 100% “your word” as an officer means everything to those inmates and while they (inmates) will constantly challenge you and push you to the edge just to see how far you will go or how much they can get away with. And as a Corrections Officer you have to keep in mind “Firm, Fair, and Consistant”
      firm-stand your ground or they will keep pushing you
      fair-there will always be that one inmate that pushes your buttons and pisses you off, that being said you can’t just lose it and take it out on all other inmates you have to show restraint no matter how hard it is at times
      consistant- you have to be consistant, upholding the same rules each and every time without change, you cant just just decide to punish inmates one day cause your pissed off at the world, and then not do anything the next day cause your in a great mood and feel sorry for them (nope doesnt work that way, you either do or you don’t) and lastly the most important thing to remember from either side is “approach determines response” how you approch and communicate with the other person will determine either a positive or negative response meaning, and it happens more often than not, an officer starts yelling and talking crap to an inmate and before he knows it, he’s getting knocked out or vise versa the inmate starts getting crazy and disrespectful towards the officer and before you know it the officer has called for backup, the inmate has been “spontainously” taken down only to be dragged off to an enhanced security area

    2. HighSpeedNoDrag
      Well I have forgotten so much in my life as well, later if I get board I will try to do some research.


    3. Bug
      I know it wasn’t your comment, but NO the military has NO say over any prison other than Leavenworth.

      It would be each individual State’s and DOJ’s call on who would still be considered to dangerous to release and what to do with them.
      And depending on the actual SHTF scenario, it’s debated on other videos if there even would be staff working the prisons in the areas affected.

    4. HighSpeedNoDrag
      Please define or name the program, your message is very elusive.

      Well there are alot of highly intelligent and gifted people in prison who are non violent white collar crimminals who got greedy and made some very bad choices.

  2. Prisoners would be gasses/killed. No doubt about it in SHTF.
    Depends on the crime I guess, but you don’t want some of these people free reign.

    1. Still watching, and YES! Law-abiding citizens end up in prison all the time. I saw a guy who beat somebody too hard, who was trying to rape his wife. He beat the guy with a 2×4, and the guy fled out of his yard, into the street, and he kept beating him (as we all would). Just one example out of many, along with many people who were innocent of their charges.

  3. maybe canucks will let out the criminals … but the americans won’t be that lenient to allow any further insanity and criminality out in an already destroyed SHTF society.

  4. Great idea for an interview. It is essential to demonstrate overlap between varying scenarios and environments so that basic skills become more digestible and reasonable among the wider population. I too like your slower approach to interviews, giving the respondent days if they so choose to construct an answer crafted ti convey information beyond the finite ruch of an immediate conversation.

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