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Olight H2R Nova Headlamp – Cool White vs Neutral White

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The Olight H2R Nova is a super bright headlamp that also doubles as an EDC pocket flashlight. With up to 2300 lumens of brightness it gets the job done. We also compare the cool white vs neutral white versions.

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12 thoughts on “Olight H2R Nova Headlamp – Cool White vs Neutral White

  1. Sept 1st you can carry a big stag handle bowie knife around with your baby glock in Texas. Congratulations! I hate NJ that much more now.

  2. Great flashlight video.This one in neutral white would be all you would need. It shows colors in a natural setting as opposed to the cool white. Great video.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Another really cool flashlight/ headlamp. I like the shape and the versatility of it. Both options seem awesome but I have to admit I like the neutral light more. I prefer the bit warmer tone of light. It might not be the cheapest option around but one does not need to buy a new one every couple months like with the really cheap ones. My grandpa used to say: ” If you want to get something good and inexpensive, you usually have to buy two. The good one and the inexpensive one” Great review as always Bryan πŸ™‚ Big thumbs up!

  4. I tend to prefer neutral light torches because when the colours are more realistic I recognize what I’m looking at more quickly. Although it is a little exxy I suspect it’s well enough made to last a really long time. And if the battery starts to go you could replace it and then it would last even longer.

  5. Brian. good call on the First Edge knives. mine came yesterday and I love them. seem worth the 300 dollars retail price and a huge killer ridiculous deal at 99 dollars.

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