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No One Wants to Talk About This… What Happens in Vegas…

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I talk about everything related to recent events…

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7 thoughts on “No One Wants to Talk About This… What Happens in Vegas…

  1. So it took the LV massacre to realize society is screwed up. We’re just frogs in a pot of hot water CP, things are falling apart in slow motion.

  2. The Las Vegas ‘machine’ is fueled by the whole world. Think about it. Not only does most food, commodities, textiles, building materials, clothing and virtually everything else that makes Vegas what it is comes from all across this country. Vegas helps keep farmers, dairymen, loggers, mills, cattle ranches, fisheries and fishermen, chemical producers, furniture manufacturers and hundreds more things in business and keeps the economy thriving and strong. Without Vegas and all the thousands of merchandise contributors and tourist money there would not be a Las Vegas. Vegas is powered by people, both U.S. citizens and foreigners who visit. And what is the decadence? Whatever gives people the escape and the hope to try and make a jackpot or while away time at a casino table for their fun. Let’s face it, unless you live in a monastery and vowed celibacy then you fall short of the ‘Glory’. There is only one with a Halo and to date nobody has actually seen it but we believe it is there. A person doesn’t have to partake in ‘The Great Whore’, Las Vegas, to break the Ten Commandment Laws. Mass shootings and mass killings in the U.S. is nothing new and what disturbs us most is not having a motive to the Vegas shooter’s action so we can vilify the why. Until there is another thousand years of brain development and civility there will always be hatred and fear of difference.

  3. Not overly religious but from the 8 years I studied theology, there were a few scriptures that stuck with me. I think that we can all agree that ”  the love of the greater number has cooled off “. Peoples basic humanity has been declining for quite some time. Also people just don’t want to give anyone ( besides themselves )….the benefit of doubt. This childish meism is very prevalent.

  4. Very interesting perspective at the end of this video. The majority seem to take everything the see and hear from the MSM way too serious. They don’t think for themselves or try to figure out what their reality should be.

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