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New Gerber Automatic Knives and More – SHOT Show 2018

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Gerber is upping the ante with some new automatic knives in 2018. They still have the popular 06 auto and the Gerber Covert as well as a new steel for the Strongarm and more cool designs coming this year.

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16 thoughts on “New Gerber Automatic Knives and More – SHOT Show 2018

  1. I’m loving the shot show coverage, man.. I’m just a fellow Georgia boy with a love of knives and the outdoors, same as you. It’s been really cool to see your channel grow from a small thing to the way it is now!

    I have the BDZ1 Brian and its really great steel, and a better grind, its a thinner saber grind than the 420.

  3. Going to get me a Strong Arm, I like it, Don’t really care for the automatic’ s . I have some small fixed blades, 3 to 4 inches, I like them alot better. Schrade 55.

    1. I like autos too, they are fun. But I would like to see auto versions of some existing designs. Not a fan those particular Gerbers…..I dont like all the superfluous angles and blade styling. I have a Boker AK74 that is gorgeous but I wish I hadnt got the dagger style. Looks good, sux for push cuts.

  4. I really like like the look of that “Spine” knife, elegant, useful. The autos look solid…..though I’m not wild about the styling but that’s just personal taste. I broke every multi plier I ever had from Gerber…..maybe they’ve upgraded the steel since the late 90’s.

    1. I have a Gerber multitool I’ve had for at least 18 years. The paint is worn off but otherwise it is still going strong.

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