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Myrtle Beach Vacation SUPER VLOG! | Primal Life – 007

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Sorry guys. I know this vlog was super long. It was a 3 night 4 day trip so I had a mountain of footage. It was a fun trip and video to make and I really hope you guys enjoy it. Drop some comments and let me know! I got some more exciting and relevant vlog projects coming, as well as a ton more normal content.

We stayed at Myrtle Beach for this trip and did all kinds of things. Being our first family vacation we wanted to make sure we had a lot of fun with the kids and captured those moments for us to look back on. These kinds of videos most definitely mean more to us than they do for you guys i’m sure, but I really hope you dig them.

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Instrumental produced by Chuki : ()

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14 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach Vacation SUPER VLOG! | Primal Life – 007

  1. hey Primal, i don’t know if you know, but your vlog went long. oh and, do you have 72hrs of supplies for your bug out stroller?-Scout 😀

  2. Im surprised about the laws with turtles. I had thought that USA had next to no laws on reptile keeping. Personally i think she would love a tarantula 😉

    Oviously everyone thinks you should do the slingshot next time but if its 15years away then i might forget to hold you to it.

    Personally I think a weekly vlog would work well. You have said before that your days are very routine so sooner or later daily would start getting repetitive sooner or later. Where as weekly you would be able to show the highlights but skip some of the repetitiveness and spend that amount of time per week instead of per day.
    That being said i get weekly probably wouldnt habe the same accountability for you as a daily but maybe its atleast a starting point before working into daily?
    Im sure you have thought all these things through already but thats just my thoughts.

    1. Lol. Ill buy here one whenever i get there :p
      Idk if you have the room (i dont think they need much) but those little silky bantam chooks are ment to be great for kids and then you would also get eggs and she would learn about keeping a practical animal…. other wise just get a hamster

    2. To hell with a tarantula lol! Yeah man, daily is the goal. Or as close to daily as I can get for the vlog at least. It wouldn’t be bland at that point because I would be able to start doing a lot more things to keep it interesting and different. It’s just getting to that point that I am able to put that much time into it.

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