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Most Preppers Aren’t Ready For This…

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Jose Gonzales “Down the Line”

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12 thoughts on “Most Preppers Aren’t Ready For This…

  1. You can be surprised by yourself. When I lost my father and had to close up his affairs, everyone told me to take my time but I went into overdrive, did everything, notifying everyone, physically moving his things, arranging the funeral, taking care of his papers, his taxes, etc., all the things that needed doing, right away. Once it was all done and everyone else was moving on, then I grieved. I still do. I reacted the same way when my mother died. I think it is a form of self-protection. I never expected to react that way because I was close to both my parents.

    1. Sola Mano I don’t expect others to look after me. I usually keep the fact that I have this disorder to myself. My anxiety isn’t really bad anymore. I haven’t had an anxiety attack in more than a year. If it flairs up I know what to do. If I had the information I have now back when my dad passed away, I could’ve coped better.

    2. youngqueen112 – I’m sorry about your father. That’s the one bridge all of us “kids” have to cross over. Regarding your anxiety, I am not a doctor but maybe you could research herbs and plants that might be available in your area? You are responsible for yourself. Don’t count on others to look after you, okay?

    3. I was a daddys girl. Grieving came later for me as well. A year before he died I developed Anxiety disorder. It went full blown after he died.I ended up in the ER twice. Once I thought I was having a heart attack and once I couldn’t breathe. I had to learn what anxiety symptoms are and how to cope with them. I also lost a lot of weight during that time. People thought I was sick. I ended up quitting my job because of my anxiety attacks. I went and got some help and now I know how to function with it. I’m doing fine now but I often worry how my Anxiety will affect my ability to survive a SHTF senario.

  2. happiness was a long forgotten concept until this video, I care more about facts than feelings and any feelings I ever had were by products of facts, but facts always come first

  3. You have to find a place in your mind were you can psychologically tell yourself it never happened or its all a dream you have to survive and once you wake up it’ll all be normal and keep moving but you’re right no matter what those momments when the outside noises of whatever your up against go silence and youre left in the silence of your own thoughts is when no matter how good you are you can’t keep telling yourself it’s not real and you have to deal with it some people that are strong become consumed and snap at that moment others break down in other ways you have to find away to block it out your thoughts focus on your objective and keep going or you won’t go on

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