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Kodiak Off Grid Power Generator: How Powerful is it?

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In this video I do a more in depth testing of the inergy kodiak portable generator with different appliances and power tools. See my original video here

Solar panel shown in video (Powerfilm 120 watt)

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8 thoughts on “Kodiak Off Grid Power Generator: How Powerful is it?

  1. Hey Canadian Prepper,
    I have enjoyed your channel for a while now and I think that you make some very interesting points, however I haven’t seen you really address this issue below yet, unless there is just something in the past that I didn’t see.
    So I would assume that in most societal collapse scenarios, at least moderate to long term, 6 months to 2 years, people are going to have to do some things far beyond what they think they could or would do in a normal functional society. Be that killing someone, robbing them, threatening their family member, torturing them, etc. Not to say that they are justified in doing so, just under extraneous conditions. You may remember in season 4 of the walking dead, Rick bit out a large portion of the gang leader’s throat that Daryl was running around with when the group was scattered.
    So, let’s say society does come back together at one point, after numerous people have committed acts of violence against one another. Do you think people would try and hold others accountable for what they did after the collapse? Would society try and jail or prosecute anyone during the rebuilding/regrouping phase? I have often wondered if people could live together normally once society pulled itself together. Could Carl ever look at Rick the same after that? You may have noticed also that in the Walking Dead, anytime they meet a new person, they always ask; how many people have you killed? And why did you kill them? I honestly think this may be a question that people would ask each other once society had been reestablished. In SHTF, people may stick with each other in the moment no matter what that person does because they have safety in numbers and may honestly be scared, but afterwards people may not be able to trust or even look at each other the same.
    Think of the men running with Negan and what they would do if society was reestablished.
    I think of how the Nazis were treated after WW2, and rightfully so due to the crimes they committed. This doesn’t seem to me to be too far of a stretch from what could happen once society came back together and people were recognized for the monsters that they became when society fell.
    Would people potentially try to get land or property back that may have been taken from them? Would families shun other family members that abandoned them in time of need? Would military and civil servants be persecuted for dereliction of duty to go and protect their family and home? I could really see the chaos of reestablishment or reorganization from this perspective, especially if there is not a military or court of law at first to deal with these matters.
    If people did not agree to come back together peacefully all at once, I could even see mini-collapses in the reestablishment phase due to disagreements about different matters. I think I would personally have a hard time accepting someone back into society that killed my family member, or wife, or child. I think it’s just an interesting and yet perplexing concept. Hopefully nothing of this sort ever happens, and, if it did, I hope people would have some forethought for the potential consequences for their actions.

  2. See if it can run an Electric Stove Burner ($15 Walmart), or a Toaster Over or a Electric Kettle (which gives you Safe Drinking Water after you Filter out the Gunk). If it can, then have some Hot Chow w/o having Smoke and Flames crash your Opsec.

  3. it should be called on and off the grid power supply. because when the battery cells go dead.then you need to go to on the grid place to change it. you can use solar power . only if the power company don’t find out you are getting free electricity. because they want your power or they will get you locked up…

  4. Why is there a 30A RV receptacle on this unit if it can’t even cope with a small space heater?

    The space heater should have ran no problems if the specs were accurate. The inverter has a stated rating of 1500W. A space heater is going to have a power factor close to 1 given that it is mostly a resistive load except for the fan motor. I see the detailed pdf specs show that each outlet is capable of 1kW continuous (which would probably be due to the wire size used).

    It does not matter that the heater is an inefficient source of heat. If the unit is advertised to be able to supply that much power, it should deliver it no matter what the load is doing with the energy (subject to VA rating which is not stated).

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