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In SHTF you will OWN Nothing: Private Property Illusions

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In this video I discuss possession and ownership from a practical and philosophical perspective in the context of a grid down scenario.

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7 thoughts on “In SHTF you will OWN Nothing: Private Property Illusions

  1. rich people have been building bunkers and equipping them for decades, dude. They are so far ahead of you that you can’t even see their dust.

  2. We humans are creatures of habit. And that habit does and will extend to the concept of “civilization”.
    Once the structure of “civilization” disappears it will take time for us (all) to adjust to the idea that everything we thought we believed in is gone. Only those who adjust to that change will survive the longest.
    This also includes modes of self-defense in the way of martial arts. The traditional martial arts will get you killed because the training in them are based on rules. In a world without rules the adherence to any concept of survival that includes rules will get you killed by people who will be fighting without rules.

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