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Hydroblu Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter – Preparedmind101

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Yay! Something new, different, cool, and something I NEEDED! We test out the Hydroblu Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter. Promo Code: PM101 = 20% off (only through website)

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10 thoughts on “Hydroblu Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter – Preparedmind101

  1. I seen few of the comments you left chirs saying about life straw don’t have 02. We’ll this 124 dollar water filter don’t have it 02 installed you half to buy it. Did you miss that particular part. The guy only left a opinion and nothing else nothing nasty or bad at all. Then you talk down to him. Not cool at all I don’t support channels like this one. I will not sub to this channel or support it any more.

  2. No way would I spend 124 dollars on gear that just came out. Plus the size alone to big for most people. Did you here what he said now I don’t half to bring cases of bottle water with him now. Do you have any skills in the woods. Or do you just review gear mostly on this channel. I’m new by the videos I’ve just seen he reviews gear only But I can be wrong.

  3. Hi Chris,
    If I had one I would probably tie a pad and pen to it to log/record how much water i’ve used through the filters, so to replace filers at correct intervals near the 250 Gal. mark on activated carbon I think you said.
    I wonder if this unit was not used for a while would the filters still be ok as they may dry ect. or if used just every now and then over a course of years would the filtration be compromised, even if they’ve not reached usage limit (e.g. 250 Gal.).
    I also wonder what the shelf storage life of replacement filers are.
    Could make something similar from 10 Ltr. Pump up garden/weed hydo sprayer with a Sawyer filter inline through hose, but obviosly not quite the same.
    You can buy activated carbon at fish/pet shop.
    Like the idea though. Good if water gets cut off at family home ect. N1 Chris Thanks for the vid.

  4. Luv it definitely one day at $125 dollars probably later than sooner great gear review everything I wanted to know was answered.👍

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