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How To Make Fire With Chewing Gum Paper?!?

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Tepee in the background:
Jurtenland Youtube Channel:

In this video I make fire with electricity. A pretty cool trick which I have first seen in the television show Orange is the new black.

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Hi, my name is Lilly and I like spending time in nature to practice my survival and bushcraft skills. This channel documents my learning process of all wilderness and urban survival skills. This is not a purely primitive survival channel. Sometimes I use modern tools which people might have at hand in a real survival situation. Thanks for watching ~ Survival Lilly

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11 thoughts on “How To Make Fire With Chewing Gum Paper?!?

  1. Flashlight used in this video Please do not shortcut batteries for fun. They will get damaged and may explode and you can get injured. Stay safe!

    1. Hey Survival Lilly, That’s a very cool survival fire-making tip, trick, hack. Some people use their cell phone battery instead since many people may have a cell phone on them. Also, in place of the gum wrapper, a very thin piece of wire (such as the ones found in earbuds, headphones, etc.) can be curled up like a spring / filament and used in a similar way. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. You’re the best!

  2. Hi survival lily 1st let me say I hope you take time to read this comment 2nd I’ve seen a few of your hunting videos and I’m sure you’re preparing for your upcoming hunting season in Austria so I’ve recently discovered something I want you to test for scent masking as I’ll be testing it also anyway so what I discovered is how to make what I believe is the most effective homemade scent cover there is and it is reasonably free

    1. Get back with me and I’ll explain further how to create the scent mask solution with the ingredients and how long it needs to ferment in short my goal is to help people save money on scent masking items and scent elimination

    2. It takes some brush from your area a gallon of distilled water a cup of baking soda 3 % hydrogen peroxide and 2 fluid oz of unscented liquid soap and a spray bottle

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