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How to Build Muscle: The #1 Factor/ STOP Counting REPS!

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I discuss THE MOST important aspect of trying to build muscle. Often forgotten about in the world of fitness and buried under all the jargon is this simple but necessary tip.

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7 thoughts on “How to Build Muscle: The #1 Factor/ STOP Counting REPS!

  1. Heavy Compound movements and then a week of rest between those body parts and take in plenty of proteins right after. I was benching 550, squat 635 and deads 680 at 235lb. Still had 1st class PFT in Corps.

  2. Try small exercises throughout the day, never push yourself to failure and make sure you stretch and do a warm-up before each session. You won’t become a body builder, but that’s a terrible idea during shtf anyway. You’ll have tons of excess muscle and strength, requiring extra calories especially if your on the move.

    Take a muscle bound fella on a hike & you’ll see what I mean, the three main exercises that I recommend are pull-ups, squats and jogging (or running, take it easy though) up hills with an extra heavy pack on. All three are super exercises that kill multiple birds with one stone (in combo it’s a full body workout especially if you go to extreme mode and carry two heavy duffel bags in both hands when going up the hill on top of the pack on your back).

    Gym shape is generally a lot different than hiking shape, if you wanna be able to carry a heavy pack up a hill. You should practice doing just that, this way you can get the workout in fast (one run will kill you), cheap & safe. Best of all you’ll be able to outpace the zombies! & remember! Even master survivalists who can live minimalist don’t want to! Bury some goodies out there, with two layers of water proofing, ala storage containers/freezer bags.

  3. i like this extra course of action for you channel and your obviously know what your talking about. i like the Ali quote by the way. I had a guy tell me when you go to the gym and see people just pumping ot reps after rep or doing crazy off the wall movements with the machine s those are the people you don’t follow cuz they don’t know anything and are just gonna hurt themselves. he mentioned is far better to do less reps slow (including the going down movement) then is it the number. The guy at athlenx said focus more on the feeling then the reps as well. that got me thinking about some of the strongest folks i know from working (not the gym but hard labor) and they always said go at a steady pace and stay consistent. anyway ive rambled enough Peace.

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