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Hamburgers that Last 25 + Years and Taste Great

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No loss of nutrients and great tasting!

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7 thoughts on “Hamburgers that Last 25 + Years and Taste Great

  1. Just curious. What would one expect if they ate it after 30 years or 40 or 50? What degradation in taste or texture would occur?

  2. I grew up poor. That burger looks great for breaking up into other items like vegetables, rice, or what have you to fill out a meal. Mucho gracious for the video and please demonstrate with more of your own food creations.

  3. Thanks CP for the good work, this video about freezedrying burgers and your channel growing every day !!
    It is a privilege to have access to such quality content in prepping (especially the 15-30min video series you make)

    Cheers !

  4. I have never had any luck with bread, I tried to rehydrate by steaming it and it didn’t work the bread basically turned to mush.

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