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Get Home Bag Style Options

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Get Home Bag Style Options!

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7 thoughts on “Get Home Bag Style Options

  1. Sootch;

    I was in a bad accident Monday which totaled my Truck and left me with
    three Bruised ribs. I hit an oil-soaked spot in a curve, and That’s
    all she wrote. I skidded sideways at 40 MPH, downhill, and my rig fell
    on its left side and THEN I slid 150 Feet on the roof. The truck did a
    complete 360 spin on its roof, then the back end slammed into the
    Bank, flipping onto its right side, and when it all stopped, the truck
    fell back upright on its wheels.

    The Bank is on one side of the road, and the Bay is on the other side.
    While I was upside down, I literally prayed, “Oh God, don’t let me go
    in the water!” When it all stopped, I kicked the Driver’s side door

    The Tow Truck Driver AND the State Trooper BOTH told me that they have
    seen dozens of accidents on this corner, and stated that mine was the
    first one they’d seen that DIDN’T go into the Bay! I could VERY easily
    have been paralyzed, or hit by a later vehicle and killed by THAT
    impact, or gone in the water & drowned. EVERYTHING about this which
    left me with ONLY a few bruised ribs is a miracle!

    I am VERY grateful to alive and here to tell this TRUE story of Gods
    mercy & protection.

    Doc says I won’t be able to work for several weeks. Not to worry. We
    have food put back, fuel for home heat & cars put back, not just for
    us but for the pets as well, and 70% of our power comes from off-grid


    Of course, I don’t have my own wheels right now, and the wife and I
    have to share HER car. But: this is a small price to pay for still
    being alive and relatively unharmed.
    We’re looking for a replacement truck, & between the insurance and a
    special savings account, one will be coming.

    Bruce Forster
    Someone who has experienced the value of prepping FIRSTHAND!
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  2. Great Video, I’ve purchased a cheap sling over bag, I am still kitting it out, so far got a normal first aid kit green pouch on one side, and trauma kit on the other in a red pouch, a folding NATO shovel on the molly, I just need a fire kit, water filter, poncho etc. something for the car, yet I am driving 40,000lb trucks for a living so I need easy portability, as its no good having it in the car if something happens when I am in the truck away from the depot, in theory I’ll be likely first responder to an traffic accident too.

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