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Emergency Rescue Pocket Survival Kit

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Contents of this kit

S.O.L. Scout Survival Kit-
From that kit I kept the following
Survival Blanket 96″ x 60″
Button Compass
Signal Mirror
5- Tinder Quik

Items I added
Victorinox RangerGrip 78-
Kevlar fishing line
Ferro rod
Wetfire Tinder
Mini Bic lighter
S.O.L. Micro LED flashlight
Aquamira water purification tablets

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7 thoughts on “Emergency Rescue Pocket Survival Kit

  1. how would the kit help you if you were attacked by that ferocious beast   that was in the video   (Woodrow)   he was looking mighty scary   maybe you should throw in a treat for the before the beast attacks

  2. Nice kit. You should fill that bag up and see how much it holds and if it’s around 16 ounces, just cut one of your water treatment tablets in half on a piece of duct tape so it doesn’t go flying off. I’m sure if you need to break into this kit, you’ll be needing more than just a half a tablet so it won’t go to waste. Keep up the great work.

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