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DON’T BE ZOMBIE FOOD! No One Thinks of This!

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7 thoughts on “DON’T BE ZOMBIE FOOD! No One Thinks of This!

  1. OK I love you and your videos, but this one pisses me off! BUT I have been fat my entire LIFE and have never missed a beat!! I work full time and farm full time!! A 58 year old bag. I raise Dairy Goats, milk twice a day and market garden, Oh, I put myself through school and have a DOCTORATE in Pharmacy too… I also have a weird interest in natural medicine and herbals… So just because someone is not anorexic looking does not mean they are worthless shit!! (A lot of SKINNY folks are lazy as hell and don’t do jack as far as working out and would last 15 minutes working with me!) No ONE has ever served me anything or given me ANYTHING! I put myself through college and you are young. When you are 58 like me, I want to hear your story!!! My son is your age and MORE FIT and better looking then even you!!! (He is ex Air Force and I taught him to work out as a youngster, now an Extreme Athlete). But I still love you and realize you are young and dumb and your attitude will change with time. I am an old fat lady, but would put a whole lot of hurt on you all in a SHTF situation because you would not expect it. I am fit, and probably work your fit ass into the ground if you had to do real work, like shovel goat shit and prepare a garden or slaughter chickens and pull guts for hours. Do not underestimate folks just because they and I have been cursed with the wide load genetics. These genetics just might save our asses down the road due to us being able to outlive you perfect folks and eating you. I don’t think gutting a human would be that much different then gutting and processing a pig. I hope I never see that happen…. But I do agree with your general lazy fat folk thing. I work with many young folks half my age (Not fat but soft to any hardship) who would no way survive anything past a 48 hour no air conditioning thing… Also tell me why my fat 58 year old ass can move faster and think faster then an 18 year old young man. This young man has no common sense either and is intimidated by tame roosters who haver never showed any aggression. (America is so doomed and their young so DUMB!)

  2. I have been watching your older videos. Admit it. You occasionally make Mrs CP wear a gas mask in bed. I know it! The thumbnails say it’s so

  3. Nate, As I am in transition of moving from NYC to Homestead in Florida back country. I noticed since getting married 4.5 years ago , my life style changed and I went through 2 personal shtfs in this time and a child as well. I gained 50 lbs as an result and my life slowed down by 75% . Fast forward 4.5 years to now, I have lost 15 pounds in the last 10 months since I started work on the homestead. I went from 2 hours a day of hard activity in NYC to 8 hours in Florida. Clearing land is a bitc@#$%^&*(. Summery , I gained 12 pounds a year for almost 4 years and lost 15 lbs in the last 10 months . Even at 44 years of age got Got to keep moving . Nice vid as usual

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