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Different Ways To Start Fire: Exotac Nano Spark, Nano Striker XL, Fire Rod, Fat Wood, and More!

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Fire is VITAL in the woods and survival so when Exotac asked me to check out some gear, I thought I would go for it. These 5 pieces fire kit all worked, some better than others, and I changed my mind on one of them after trying it out. Check it out and use the links below to purchase any of these items!

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Mora Light My Fire:
Benchmade Bushcrafter:
Ontario Knife RAT 7:
Tops Knives Brothers of Bushcraft:

CRKT Squid:
Benchmade Griptilian:
Spyderco Tencious:
CRKT Fossil:

Streamlight Microstream:
Surefire Fury:
Olight S1 Baton:
Thrunite Archer 1AV2:

Bahco Laplander Saw:
Corona Folding Saw:
Mechanix Gloves:
Large Firesteel:


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12 thoughts on “Different Ways To Start Fire: Exotac Nano Spark, Nano Striker XL, Fire Rod, Fat Wood, and More!

  1. Whoa boy…..

    these guys just searched every Prepper channel and dumped all their discontinued models on them……


  2. I read Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” when I was a boy. Ever since I have never had less than two ways
    to make fire on my person at any time. I have a mini bic in my pants pocket, I have another in the sheath of my Leatherman Wave, in which I also have a Doane bar. I have a ferro rod and striker on my keychain, another on a necklace, another in the lacing of my boot. I have a UCO match safe with UCO matches in my EDC pack/bag. I have a complete fire kit in that too. I have waxed jute, waxed cotton balls, Vic’s Vapor Rub soaked cotton balls, and a tinder bag that I put natural tinder in as I find it. I collect tinder in town when I take a walk. I scored some fatwood today. A guy was cutting down a dead pine tree in his yard and I asked if I could have the stump.

    1. ❤ Leatherman Wave ❤

      Hey, know any place that still has the OLD version?

      i miss the model they sold in the 2000’s with the different scissors and still had the lanyard hole.


  3. pretty cool boss lighters have a place but not in the outdoors   I have like 5 or 6 ferro rods in my pack  uco matches   and a magnifying glass  that sets anything on fire in like a minute   I always use 100% cotton at the base of the feather sticks I make  some sparks   and add all the feather sticks  and fire real fast   I like the nano spark   have a good day

  4. Awesome thorough review. I couldn’t agree more how fire is the number one item you want in a survival situation especially in cold weather climates/areas. Thanks Tim!

  5. Good stuff but so expensive for what it is. You can get two ferro rod bracelets from Amazon for $5 now. The nano striker is like $25. Crazy. Btw, good electrical tape will seal the fat wood can water tight.

    1. Good call.
      As much as amazon SUCKS, all my favorite stuff is the weird/obscure stuff that they hardly sell so they usually end up reducing the price.


  6. Excellent Showcase! ExoTac makes some very high quality and reliable products. Also, loved the little mini kit you created with the TinderTin. Very cool.

    1. Actually None! But I thank you for assuming that I in some way have been swayed in my opinions by “free swag” that I’ve never received.

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