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Carry Gear In Your Hat: Wazoo Cache Cap (Hat) in Black | Fire Steel, Cordage, Money, Light

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The Wazoo Cache Cap allows you to carry gear in your hat, and it doesn’t look goofy in the process. I was a little skeptical when I first got it, but after loading up some gear and testing it out, I am pretty impressed. Check it out!

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12 thoughts on “Carry Gear In Your Hat: Wazoo Cache Cap (Hat) in Black | Fire Steel, Cordage, Money, Light

  1. Really nice to see this in production. I like the idea of it and will definitely be ordering one or two.
    Sgt Grit used to sell a ‘load-bearing cap’ many years ago. But they didn’t last long. And never came back onto their website.

  2. Like the idea. I have thought about this type alot. As a thought below strong wind, strap? But maybe the cordage idea in a pinch could work. We gals could sport this really easy.

  3. Thanks for the review of the Blackticool Cache Cap! We hope this version is an improvement on our original Cache Cap and that it will lead to more designs in the future.

  4. Tim, great review. This hat looks like Wazoo took the concept that Ranger Rick Tscherne illustrated in one of his Ranger Digest booklets. Ranger Rick illustrated how to modify an old woodland camouflage US Army BDU cap with the earflap extension by adding a map pocket on the inside and putting survival items inside the earflap extension.

    1. Cool insight! Would love to see the original illustration. Ranger Rick is a classic figure in this industry!

    2. Tim, here is the link that you asked for concerning the Ranger Digest series of booklets. I have also included Ranger Rick’s website.

      Note: His digest books were out of print for sometime. Most of the information in them was compiled between 1985-1999. He then published them only as e-books for awhile. Last year, he self published them again in hard print. You will be surprised how much of the “new” ideas out there were concepts that he pioneered, like putting a zipper on a poncho liner to make it into a sleeping bag. As your read these, keep in mind the original intent of these booklets were to help improve the field craft of soldiering and they are not necessarily completely dedicated to survival, bushcraft, etc.

      Here is Ranger Rick’s website.

    3. Prepared Hykr Thanks for checking it out brother. Send me a link to that if you can ā€“ Iā€™d be interested to see it.

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