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Bugging Out with Family in SHTF: Keep Them Alive!

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How to Keep the fam alive when the ish hits the fan!

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8 thoughts on “Bugging Out with Family in SHTF: Keep Them Alive!

  1. Great video man, think your right on point. I will have my work cut out for me being I have 2 girls that are under 4 years old. I agree with the fact they can give away position and be hard to handle when upset. At this age I don’t think there is any way around it. Hopefully as they grow older I can teach them some basics and be in a better place of moving as a group. Thanks for sharing, you have a beautiful family there brother!

  2. One of the best ways to get kids to cooperate is by being honest and straight forward with them… telling a kid that if they make noise it may bring a bear or cougar into camp which could eat them is true… unlike the jolly red fat man…

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