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Bug Out Roll Survival Gear: Part 2

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I continue with my discussion of the contents of the bug out roll:

Get a one of a kind Bug Out Roll Here:

Get the gear in this video here:
Paracord USB Cable

Titan SUrvivorcord

Gorilla Tape

Kevlar/ Technora 950 lb cord


100% Deet

Powerfilm Solar Panels (worlds best)

Ontario SP8 hatchet/ machete

Helle Knives

Silky bigboy 2000 (and other saws)


Silnylon Tarp

Gerber Fillet knife

Silk Bed liner

Leatherman Wave

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12 thoughts on “Bug Out Roll Survival Gear: Part 2

  1. I really like the concept of your camping, bugout, whatever someone wants to call it, roll system as I appreciate gear being accessible and well organized.

    1. Thanks its really awesome in the field, having everything at arms reach and not hunched over rummaging through a backpack getting chewed on by mossies is nice!

  2. I wonder how this would work with an Eberlestock G4 Operator’s Pack? Went on and ordered a Silky Bigboy 200 on your recommendation.

    1. It will take to external frame packs well if position near bottom, or it can be dropped into the pack itself only in that packs case I dont think it would be wide enough for inside carry.

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