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Bow Drill Fire lesson From Matt Graham – SHOT Show 2018

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I told Matt Graham I had only ever made 2 Bow drill fires so he offered to give me a lesson in friction fire. Watch and see how I did. Oh, and we look at a couple of Condor knives too 😉

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12 thoughts on “Bow Drill Fire lesson From Matt Graham – SHOT Show 2018

  1. Congratulations on the 3rd ember!!!! Your right he/you make it look so easy! Thanks for all you bring to this great channel, God bless and safe travels!

  2. so you’re ready to go out  in the woods with no other fire making stuff  just the bow drill maybe nor I will try soon I will stick to uco matches and a magnifying glass  and a few ferro rods   but soon I will try

  3. Condor Tool & Knife, Primitive Outback Folder Knife , 2-1/4in Blade, Brown Micarta handle with Sheath

    Amazon link to the folder knife. Condor makes great stuff

  4. Great video! Looks like you just needed a few pointers from a master to get the bow drill working, congrats. I can’t wait for that new Matt Graham bushcraft show on discovery.

  5. Absolutely LOVE Matt. His entire vibe just relaxes you and eases you into hearing/learning what he’s saying. Plus…I’m gonna be all girlie right now so forgive me but…he’s SUPER easy on the eyes! LOL 😂 Couldn’t resist. TFS Always a great job. God Bless ~Lisa

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